Over several decades, Material Corporation's family of companies have become leading suppliers to homeowners and construction firms in the region.

Family owned and operated, we have earned our reputation through hard work, uncompromising precision, constant learning, and adapting. We love what we do, and the variety of projects in our portfolio proves the scope of our engineering and execution capabilities. We have delivered a reliable and innovative range of services for thousands of projects and are constantly growing to offer more to our customers. Our uncompromising safety policy reduces preventable safety-related incidents, and we provide safety training for labor and management. We pay close attention to our environmental impact and work to minimize our footprint. Our team members are passionate about engineering, infrastructure and design, and understand our clients’ business needs and objectives. Start building your dreams today - give us a call!



Broken Concrete
Excavator Loading Trailer
Heavy Machinery / Quarry Equipment
Dumping Services
  • Concrete 

  • Asphalt

  • Clean Fill

  • Clean Ledge/ Rocks 

Delivery & Storage Rental

  • Delivery of All Products ​

    • Front Discharge Mixers

    • 10 Wheelers​

    • Tri Axle

    • Trailer Dumps

  • Low Bed Service (60 Ton Bed)

  • Short/ Long Term Lay Down Storage

Equipment Rental 
  • Excavators (330 & 345)

  • Hydraulic Hammers 

  • Loaders (966/980/988)

  • Road Trucks (40 Ton)

  • Water Trucks (6,000 Gallon)






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Fax: 401-767-2070

Quarry Location

1 Pine Hill Road 

North Smithfield, RI 02896

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Loading Trailer Dump

Our Earth Product Delivery Fleet Includes Six Wheelers To Trailer Dumps To Accommodate Any Job Order